As concerns the production process Libretti srl makes use of its farm cultivated with vegetables, mainly cherry tomatoes and cluster tomatoes. The farm associated Libretti , after a lot of variety tests, is able to recognise the most suitable ones as to transplantation and market needs, meeting the variety requirements of the great distribution. From the seed to the finished product, each individual phase of the production process is controlled and supported by Quality system documentary evidence.

Libretti srl in fact applies stringent production measures, included the periodic control by a graduate in agriculture who constantly monitors the whole production. To conclude a staff of skilled technicians help Libretti srl members, analysing the soil, the water and above all the product itself (the so called multi-residual analyses) to ensure a healthy good and what is more controlled product.
Furthermore, a lot of business partners give a great contribution as regards the production diversification, following rigorous regulations to ensure the quality control of the full product range.
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Libretti srl satisfies consumers' demand for healthy controlled products.