Libretti srl works in two structures which are inside the company's farm, next to each other and more precisely at a distance of about 300m. The first one, born ten years ago, is about 1.600 sqm. large, with packaging units, frigidaire cells and tray packing machines, briefly all that is necessary for packing. To meet the increasing demand for warehouse goods, produced according to strict quality regulations, the company has invested in a new structure, technologically advanced, with all the characteristics of a conditioning centre. It has a usable covered surface of 5.000 sqm plus an open space of 200.000 sqm for outdoor processes.

The new centre, equipped with new frigidaire cells to put the incoming raw goods into store and to treat the product until it is finished, has got an innovative anticorrosive stainless steel production line, according to the strict European regulations. Finally the society has at its disposal new machines for retail packaging in little basins or in trays of different dimensions(250, 500g, 1kg etc), thanks to continuous updating.
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Libretti srl satisfies consumers' demand for healthy controlled products.