During the different steps of the production process Libretti srl employs a lot of packaging solutions (paper, plastic, wood) according to customer requirements which, more and more frequently coincide with the European packaging standards of 40/60 or 30/40, fitting both the pallets and the market counters.

The continuous demand for quality needs a more and more accurate process and above all a packaging which immediately shows the product on a large box, with little sponges to prevent it from denting as for example in the production of the cluster tomato, the round long aubergines, cucumbers, courgettes etc.
Furthermore Libretti srl employs also the retail packaging, realised in small plastic or paper of 250, 500 g ,1 kg or 2 kg in weight and all presenting codes, printed directly from the machine wrapping the products. Finally the society keeps up to date with the European and worldwide production and sale trends, attending different national and international fairs.
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Libretti srl satisfies consumers' demand for healthy controlled products.